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REVIEW: Kraft-tex kraft paper fabric

This product is advertised as  = “Tough, touchable new paper combines the best of leather and fabric”.  My researched showed me many uses with machine sewing and scrapbook applications but….I was curious to see how waterproof this stuff was and if it was durable enough for hand stitching.

I purchased a roll of it off of Amazon


This is an unwashed piece of Kraft-tex trimmed to cover a book…which works…. this material has a clammy texture to it. It has a strange “Dampness” in it’s dry state. Perhaps a rubber additive of some sort? Don’t know. I could not find the ingredients anywhere in research.

A big positive ..I experienced no detectable odor with Kraft-tex.


1. hand washed Kraft-tex

2. unwashed Kraft-tex

3. approx. 2 oz leather (unknown tanning process)

4. 4-5oz vegetable tanned leather

5. 4-5 oz leather (guessing chromium tanned)

6. 6-7 oz leather (guessing chromium tanned)




scrunched piece of Kraft-tex



scrunched piece of leather


quality of punched holes


This product is durable for a piece of paper and I imagine could be used for interfacing. Perhaps stands up to work done on a sewing machine, but with some force, I was able to rip it.

In no way do I think this stuff replicates leather.