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The one and only vegetable tanned deluxe leather satchel- hard core hand made.

Made from vegetable tanned European side bends. Original design. Hand cut, hand trimmed, holes hand punched, saddle stitched by hand with nylon cord that I waxed with beeswax… a gift for my husband.


all hardware is from Tandy except for the front buckle which was from one of his old belts. The trigger snaps are slipped onto a D-ring. HOW??? Make a small cut into the flat side of the D-ring with bolt cutters, slip the trigger snap onto D-ring then fold leather strap over flat portion of D-ring and secure.


this odd harness type pocket is for his umbrella



Hand-stitched Burnt Orange Leather Belt Bag / Hip Pouch with outward Double Gussets


Saddle stitched using leather from a Filofax planner cover.

The corners are each single darted which forms right angle corners. A future example will show double darted corners which will form a slightly more rounded corner. I find rounded corners a pleasing design aspect but right corners provide full interior space access and allows the bag to be more able to stand on it’s own when set on  ground.